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Door Access System is a Must Have in Any Building

Yes, I don't wish to sound blandiloquent or a blatteroon when we discuss about the need for a good security system. There is no amount of words to describe the importance of office security or building security and there can be no end to security access issues, thus the best is always use the latest and long proven technology in the market.

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Door access security system is a must have system in any office, residential, buildings. The system can be installed in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, banks, factories, sports centre, airport, embassies, hotels, resorts, old age (retirement) homes, clubs, newspaper, publishing house, law firms, health centers, JPJ, road transport, police head quarter, military/defense, petrol stations, train stations, embassy, exhibition, annual general meetings, elections, conference, fast food restaurants, cinema, shopping mall, supermarket, stock room, cargo, ministries, government departments, private or corporate complex, shopping malls, lift/elevators, condominiums, apartments, guarded residential-community areas, virtually in any building premises... from small offices to large halls, etc. Responsible owners, leaders or management team nowadays look into the need to develop a comprehensive plan to protect, monitor and control building access for staff, students, visitors to pre-defined or designated areas.

Security for any asset, property, private and confidential files, machines, stocks and in the long run to prevent unfavourable incidents.

A loss of information or asset not only means cost, time but also irreplaceable property, valuable assets, etc.

Door access system is a progression, addition or enhancement to the existing mechanical locks that we use in our premises.

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Access Controllers: Serial Based or IP Based?

There are generally two types of door access control system
-Serial based controllers (stand alone or network)
-IP based controllers.

Architects, engineers, main contractors, sub-contractors, system integrators, Purchase Department Managers need to plan ahead and work closely with the direct manufacturer or vendors or consultant in order to provide the best and integrated building or door access security system. Such system can also be further enhanced with CCTV security or surveillance and of course the elevator (lift) access control system too. Therefore in a PC based monitoring system can be placed in the guard house, IT department or fire security room.

Lightning Protection and Security Issues

In the event where the building is exposed to lightning strike (and without lightning protection installed) human lives are at stake as well as all the PCs and existing electronics facing the high risk of damage.
Therefore every management has to include in their risk management to invest in a lightning protection. Lightning can strike anywhere however having said that... there are of course common lightning strike zones and this
In a proper corporate risk management, the leaders have to determine potential for equipment damage or perhaps possible destruction and personnel injury or death from a lightning strike.
There is no question about it that recovery or restoration cost can be tremendously high should such situation arise.
That includes dwaible PCs, servers and virtually all essential electronics systems in the premises may and would not function
as per their original specs anymore.

Benefits of Door Access Control System

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As much as each corporate management team need a good technology when it comes to door entry security system, we also need to first formulate, develop and maintain a set of good policies,and procedures covering system users:

Executives used to ask me, what are the advantages of installing a door access or door entry system. Well, to sum it up... every small, medium to large sized corporate, the benefits of using door access system are as follows:-
-Protects human life,
-Protects information,
-Protects asset or property,
-Provides safe and comfortable environment by limiting unnecessary or probihited access to highly restricted areas or departments.
-Prevents interference from the outside, maintains privacy
-Optimize productivity.

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Door Access Control System

Today, more and more end-users are looking for best ways to switch, upgrade or change their old time clock to new latest Door Access Control System.

Together we shall explore, learn and share the best technology in the market.


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