Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Access Controllers: Serial Based or IP Based?

There are generally two types of door access control system
-Serial based controllers (stand alone or network)
-IP based controllers.

Architects, engineers, main contractors, sub-contractors, system integrators, Purchase Department Managers need to plan ahead and work closely with the direct manufacturer or vendors or consultant in order to provide the best and integrated building or door access security system. Such system can also be further enhanced with CCTV security or surveillance and of course the elevator (lift) access control system too. Therefore in a PC based monitoring system can be placed in the guard house, IT department or fire security room.


  1. The best access control system on the other hand should be able to give you the control that you are looking for. They should be well designed and must be able to provide solution to the current and future problems. A good elevator access control system should be capable of being effectively used on any door whose access you want to monitor.

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  2. T4 – Elevator Access Control – Motherboard Controller – Controls and monitor up to eight (8) floors, expandable to forty (40) floors. Net-workable to support up to twenty (20) elevators.
    The DT4 Elevator Control System provides complete elevator security that is typically used in high rise condominium, apartment, or office building applications.
    The system will restrict which floor a visitor has access to via the elevator after they have been granted access by a building resident; and, is programmable to
    restrict building residents to certain floors or grant them access to all floors.

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